"Le me"

Vision: With whatever I do, I would always like to work towards spreading happiness, among my fellow beings.Goals:
Goal and Vision are two different things. Each goal, leads to the vision which one has. My current goal is to seek such a co-op, which grants me the self-satisfaction I seek.

Who am I?
As a prospective intern:
I am a student of Computer Science, pursuing my Masters in Applied Computing at University of Toronto, Canada. This program focuses on teaching, how to turn research into practical applications, to make the world a better place. I would love to work in the field of Medical Imaging, Image Processing, Mobile/Web Application development or Digital Media.
As a person:
You might have heard this famous saying: “You are what you believe in.” So, here is what I believe. I believe that people are not primarily chasing after money, prestige, and fame. It is happiness which we all crave. Whatever we do in our lives, whether we earn money or get into relations or make friends, we do so to catch the bird of happiness. Everyone has his/her own way of catching this bird but sometimes we are so busy making new plans, we forget this ultimate aim and lose our way.
Chanakya , the very famous Indian philosopher and economist from 300 B.C, has defined seven basic ingredients of life that make you happiness:

पहला सुख निरोगी काया | दूजा सुख घर में हो माया ||
तीजा सुख कुलवंत हो नारी | चौथा सुख सुत हो आज्ञाकारी ||
पांचवा सुख हो सुंदर वासा | छठा सुख हो सज्जन पासा ||
सातवा सुख हो मित्र घनेरे | ऐसे नर नहीं जग बहुतेरे ||

It means that the first and foremost requirement of happiness is a healthy body. Second, is having enough money in your pocket to sustain a decent living. Third, is having a beloved and faithful wife/husband. Fourth, is if your children are obedient. Fifth is that you have a hospitable and beautiful home. Sixth is that you are always surrounded by good people. Seventh is that you have a lot of faithful friends. He says that very few people in this world have all these in their lives. Even if one of the above is absent, there would be some part of you which would remain unhappy.I also believe that the balance of all of the above is required for a healthy and contented life, but everyone is not lucky enough to get all of them. So, one should always do whatever gives him/her maximum satisfaction.

There is one eighth ingredient which gives me tremendous joy. It’s the act of giving. I am a simple guy who wishes to improve the world and serve its people as best I can. I love changes a lot. Each day should bring something new and should have some adventure in it!

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